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Third Footmark on 21 March

Third Footmark on 21 March

Introduction to Computer Network 

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A new lesson was attended by me. Today, all of us were excited because one of my friend groups was going to do presentation which taught us how to process a mail. However, before that, my lecturer explained us about computer network. She patiently taught us via slide show. She did ask us to think a question which was related the topic. Then, all of us thought it in depth. But we couldn’t figure out until lecturer told us the answer. Haha… Therefore, a new lesson was continued being taught by lecturer.

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The most important moment come, it was the time my friend did presentation!!! I was no idea whether they felt nervous or not. However, they looked like confident! Soon, without wasting any moment, they quickly took action to teach us step by step via slide show. It was a good presentation because it was not only useful information, but also was clear and easily understood. The thing I felt surprise was the topic related Thunderbird…
It was good and useful software!!!

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Now, I would like to share the lesson I had learnt in my class:


1  .       Computer networking is connecting a computer with other computers or other devices to enable them to communicate with each other.
2  .       In the world of computer, Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data.

  3.    Network components:

   4.   Network Electronic Devices

A bridge is a device that allows the computers on individual networks or separate parts of a network to exchange information. It is used to connect a small number of individual networks to make them work together as one large network. It is also used to split an overload network into smaller parts.

 Routers are connectors that are used to link different network together. It can direct or route, information to the correct destination.

A gateway is often used to link two different network types together. For example, you can use a gateway to transfer information between a Mac and a PC network. It is used to pass information form one network to another..

A hub/switch is a device that provides a central connection point for cables from workstations, servers and peripherals. Hubs are multislot concentrators into which can be plugged a number of multiple-port cards to provide additional access as the network grows in size.

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