Thursday, 1 March 2012

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 Introduction to the course
Introduction to Telecommunications

  • This course will expose the students to the technologies and devices for computer networking and internet access and applications.
  • It will cover fundamentals of data communication, telecommunication facilities and network topology.
  • Students will be introduced to the Internet technology and its applications, and also social and ethical issues related to web resources.
  • Students also should be able to use various internet applications for teaching and learning.

Thus, are you interested to see my learning journal in this interesting course?

*My word*

My first impression in this subject is in every lesson of this subject I have to approach to technology, science, tool, devices, hardware, software and ... which I am very unfamiliar to them! However, I still take my courage in both hands to take this challenge. ^^    
  "Knowledge is power; Information is energy" 

Additionally, I tell to myself that I want to accomplish the task in order to achieve success. After the first lesson, we were being asked by lecturer to create a blog like this to write down the thing related to this subject in blog and shared to others. This boost up my interest and taste. 

How special task it is! I like it because it might make me become more creative and knowledgeable in technology. 

It is true that it is very challenging since i have no idea and experience in creating and building a blog. O.M.G. However, thanks to my friends to teach me some technique ^^ There was a sense of achievement when I saw my blog was built!

Now, I would like to share with you some lesson I have learnt in class.

1.      Communication is the imparting, conveying or exchange of thoughts, messagesideas,  knowledge or information by sign and sounds like speech, signals, writing or behavior
2.      Telecommunications refers to the transfer of data (communications) from a transmitter to a receiver across a distance
3.       Data/code represented by some form of  electromagnetic energy – electricity, radio waves, lights – transmitted through medium- wire, cable, atmosphere.
4.      The elements of computer and communications technology (6 elements)
5.      Hardware refers to any physical objects that are part of the computer system.
6.      Software refers to instructions that controls the functioning of the computer. 

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This is what I am going to learn!
Sharing knowledge with all of you!



  1. Thanks too, Hani ^^
    Let us share together the knowledge we gained ^^

  2. your info help me a lot..thanks ya..

  3. You are welcome, Ah Wei,,,
    I am glad that it is helpful for you ^^